Flexible Joint Filler


The Product  is a cement-based, high performance, elastic, colored joint filler material containing mineral aggregates of special particle size and chemical additives enhancing product performance, which is used for ceramic and tile joints.

It conforms to TS EN 13888 and CG2WA standards.

CG: Cement-based Joint Fillers, 2: With an Added Feature Developed, W: Reducing Water Absorption, A: High Wear Resistance.


Appearance White  & Group A, B and C Colors*
Mixing Ratio 6-6,5 liters of water/ 20 kg
Amount of Consumption 0.5-1,0 kg /m2
Application Temperature +5 oC to +35 oC
Processing Time 35-40 minutes
Time Until Complete Freezing 21 days
Time before Availability 24 hours
Toxicity Non-toxic
Bending Strength 2.5 N/mm2
Compression Strength 15 N/ mm3
Wear Resistance 1000 mm3
Contraction 3 mm/m
Water Absorption 2 gr in 30 min – 5 gr in 240 min

Group A Colors: Light Gray, Gray, Light Beige, Beige, Cream, Ivory, Light Pink, Rose Dry, Light Brown.

Group B Colors: Dark Gray, Dark Beige, Salmon, Dark Pink, Brown, Light Green, Light blue.

Group C Colors: Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Lila.


The products is used to fill joints of materials such as ceramic, granite ceramic, and etc. which are applied on floors with heavy load and pedestrian traffic; spaces with sudden thermal changes; wet spaces; and existing surfaces of interior and exterior spaces 


It is easy to prepare and apply. It is resistant to abrasion and fading. It provides a non-cracking and smooth surface. It gives proper working time. It does not lead to drift at vertical applications. It has high adhesion properties. It does not scratch glazed surfaces. It provides perfect adhesion without cracking on ceramic edges.


Residues that will prevent adhesion on the surface should be cleaned. 20 kg EKOKAT FUGA FLX is slowly poured into 6-6.5 liters of water and is then mixed with a low speed (400-600 rpm) mixer. The homogenous mortar is allowed to rest for 5 minutes and then mixed again once before application. The prepared mixture is spread on the ceramics with a rubber trowel and the joint is then filled. Excess material is removed with diagonal movements. The material is allowed to rest until it withstands finger pressure, and the entire surface is cleaned with a damp sponge to provide necessary moisture to complete the hydration. The residual joint filler remaining on the ceramic is cleaned with a damp sponge. And the joints are given the final shape.


20 kg craft bags (PE reinforced)

80 shrink bags on one palette (110x110 cm).

5 kg polyethylene bags

1 kg polyethylene bags


No more than two palettes should be placed on top of each other in their unopened original packaging, in a cool and dry environment. Shelf life is 12 months from date of production under suitable storage conditions.


Work clothes, protective gloves, goggles, and masks suitable for workers health and safety should be used during the application. Due to irritant effects of uncured material, it should be washed with plenty of water and soap immediately in case of contact with skin and eyes. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. No food and drink should be brought into application areas. Store it out of reach of children. Please refer to the safety data sheet for further information.


Our Company may not be held liable for any application errors that might be suffered if the product is not used for its intended purposes, or if it is failed to conform to the conditions and proposals specified above regarding technical application. This technical data sheet contains information that is current as of the date of issuance hereof. The manufacturer hereby reserves its right to change this data sheet at any time.

It conforms to TS EN 13888 and CG2WA standards.

  • EK 2004.020.20
  • White
  • EK 2004.120.20
  • A Group
  • EK 2004.220.20
  • B Group
  • EK 2004.320.20
  • C Group
Application Thickness (mm)
Area ( m2 )